Our Mission


To create an education-based central location for anyone to learn about, celebrate and be inspired by food.


Chicago's Food Museum

Foodseum is Chicago’s first nonprofit food museum. Yep! We’re a startup museum working to open a physical space where you walk through exhibits on food types (Chocolate, Cheese, Bread, etc). In each exhibit you’re taken on an educational journey through the history, farm-to-fork transformation and international flavors of that food type. Interacting with all five senses these exhibits aim to open your mind to the amazing world of food and inspire you go out and continue your own personal culinary adventure.


Pop-up Exhibit #1


Thanks to your generous support we were very excited to open the first Foodseum pop-up exhibit The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World from September to December of 2015 at Block 37 in the heart of Chicago.

Your contributions help us continue to operate and spread our mission we build momentum towards a permanent home for Foodseum.


Beyond The Walls

Outside of the exhibits, our team works hard to accomplish the core mission of educating, celebrating and inspiring people to find their passion for food.

Why open Foodseum?

Our goal is to create an educational experience that sparks your passion for food.

As humans we eat, it's needed to survive. This simple fact has been true since the beginning of humankind and there's no mistaking food has played an important role in the story of every region, culture, nationality, race, and religion. These great stories, traditions, innovations, cultures and flavors still reside in the food we eat today. However, in our increasingly busy lives, what we’re actually eating, how it’s made, and the stories behind it are too often taken for granted.

Foodseum aims to fix this by opening a universally accessible location dedicated to helping anyone discover their passion for food. Through interactive exhibits, educational seminars, events and developmental programming, Foodseum will provide a window into the history and evolution of food types, basic farm-to-fork transformations, simple preparation demonstrations and introductions to innovative and international flavors. Most importantly Foodseum works to inspire in each visitor a passion to continue to explore the wonderful world of food.


 Message from the Founders

Thank you for your generous support of Chicago Foodseum and our mission to open an education-based central location for anyone to learn about, celebrate and be inspired by food! 

With this gift you help in providing engaging food education and inspiration for everyone. We hope that in learning about Foodseum you find yourself similarly energized and inspired to continue your own personal culinary adventures.

Thank you!


Foodseum is a non-profit organization recognized as exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code


For questions or further information feel free to contact us at: info@foodseum.org